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Based in Grayshott, on the Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire Borders, 45 minutes from London. Purchase Farm is the home of Golden Valley Poultry.

We Have a wide variety of Chickens for sale.

Take a short video tour around our Defra registered farm set in beautiful countryside 15 minutes south of Guildford just off the A3- see for yourself the highest welfare standard we set ourselves.

Now Available NEW Beginner Courses.


We have point of lay Chickens for sale, available now

Up to 14 varieties of Chickens For sale, housing, coops and practical courses to get started, course dates available on the courses page

Our free range POL hens are organically reared and sourced to Soil Association recommendations, our chickens are also maintained to all veterinary approved standards, and are fully vaccinated. Top quality girls, supplied to many authoritative commentators and experts.

Our birds are from the highest breeding stock and their welfare is paramount, their free ranging health and care being our absolute priority.

In addition we can advise and provide suitable housing and starter packs for you if it is a new hobby or interest.

We stock everything you need to get started. This includes a choice of value for money ‘fox proof’ chicken housing, suitable for different small or large flock sizes.

Chickens do make wonderful placid family pets as well as representing a major potential saving on the housekeeping. Keeping chickens is certainly one of the fastest growing, and profitable, hobbies in the U.K.

Sat. Nav. "GU26 6JA" will take you a mile north of our gate - we are opposite the Junction of "Whitmore Vale Road" and "Whitmore Vale".

Each bird you keep, after feeding, can save you about £67 every year. Four birds, perhaps the average kept, £270 every year.

This compares with buying 300 free range eggs in the supermarket where an average price for 'free range' eggs is now around 27p per egg. (Some 'organic' eggs are now upwards of 35p per egg!.)

Keeping chickens is fun, relaxing, and low maintenance, and they make productive pets and are a magnet for children. In addition to being your own known source of fresh eggs, they also produce excellent manure for your home garden.

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Keeping POL Hens

In "Chickens", poultry breeder Suzie Baldwin of Golden Valley Poultry offers a practical guide to everything both the beginner and more experienced hen owner needs to know, from whether to buy chicks or hens, what varieties to chose, how to tell if you're buying a healthy chicken and how to ensure it stays that way to how many chickens you should keep, and what kind of coop is best. She also answers all the questions commonly posed by first-time or existing owners, from whether you need to have a cockerel, whether chickens ever fly away and how quickly they will start laying to how to prevent them being attacked by foxes and what do to when they become unwell.

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